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Duke Energy - Smart Saver | Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate

Valid: 01-01-2017 to 12-31-2017

Amount: $250.00 to $350.00


Water heater over 10 years old? 

Don't wait until it fails. Get $350 when you upgrade.

Save $350

Did you know that water heaters are the second-highest source of energy usage in most homes? Heat pump water heaters can help you save energy and money every day, plus you can get a $350 rebate when you install an ENERGY STAR® model.

Install an energy-efficient heat pump water heater and enjoy the benefits, including:

  • Save $250 each year – or more – on your water heating costs*
  • Receive $350 for each new, qualifying water heater installed†
  • Use less energy without sacrificing performance or reliability

Lower your water heating cost up to 50%

Why are heat pump water heaters so efficient? Their advanced technology absorbs heat from the air and transfers it into the water in the storage tank. This makes them two to three times more energy efficient than conventional water heaters and more environmentally friendly.

Save big on energy costs with a new heat pump water heater

Water heaters typically account for about 15 to 25% of your monthly energy bill. An ENERGY STAR-qualified heat pump water heater is one of the most efficient water heaters you can buy. That means lower operating costs – and lower monthly electric bills. In fact, most households are able to cut their water heating costs in half. 

Water heaters typically last 10 to 15 years, and they can fail without warning. Upgrade now and start saving on your energy bill right away.