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Paulding Putnam Rebates

Valid: 01-01-2017 to 12-31-2017

Amount: $300.00 to $1500.00


Paulding Putnam Rebates

Air Conditioner Rebate

NEW Central Air Conditioning Equipment = $300.00 (account credit)

(Includes Air Source Heat Pumps or Central air conditioners )

NEW Geothermal Equipment = $450.00 (account credit)

  1. Replacing an existing Central Air Conditioning system does NOT qualify. (The Central Air Conditioning Equipment MUST be new to the residency)
  2. Equipment and HVAC installer of consumer’s choice.
  3. Size, efficiency and manufacturer of consumer’s choice
  4. Upon completion of the installation, the HVAC installer will complete the proper application and mail it to PPEC.
  5. After receipt, the application will be scheduled in the order in which it was received and the consumer will be contacted to set an appointment for inspection.
  6. Installation of a Radio Control Switch (RCS) is required, the RCS must remain operational for the life of the equipment.

All rebates are subject to change and Paulding Putnam Electric Cooperative reserves the right to deny any and all rebate requests.

Industrial/commercial accounts, in good standing, may be eligible for rebates on a per request basis and will be negotiated at the time of request based on job type, style and circumstances.

Energy Efficient New Home Construction Rebate

Paulding Putnam Electric is offering a rebate to all members building an All Electric Energy Efficient home.

Requirements and Incentives:

  • Build an All Electric Home with Air Source Heat Pump with Electric back up – ENERGY STAR: 14.5 SEER; 8.2 HSPF – $1000.00
  • Build an All Electric Home with Geothermal Heat Pump with Electric back up – CLOSED LOOP 17.1 EER; 3.6 COP – OPEN LOOP: 21.1 EER
  • 4.1 COP – $1200.00
  • Build an All Electric ENERGY STAR Certified home with a Geothermal Heat Pump with electric backup – $1500.00

A total rebate amount of $1000 -$1500 is applicable for residential homes built within the effective program dates and compliant with the program eligibility requirements.

New home must have a minimum 50-gallon electric water heater installed to be eligible for this rebate.

RCS (Radio Controlled Switch) must be installed on water heater and cooling system to be eligible for this rebate.

Upon completion of construction, member must fill out application for rebate reimbursement.